ICELT 2015


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Here is a flashback for ICELT 2015 that I attended together with my colleague-cum-best-friend, Viji.

Do you see the gorgeous blonde lady? She is Dr. Carolyn Graham, one of the keynote speaker for ICELT 2015. Her presentation was so amazing. No slides, just a portable piano. She talked about using Jazz-chant for English Language teaching. I love her presentation. It reminded me of the sweet old days when I taught English and Malay to younger children with nursery rhymes.

Do you notice the cold shiny black guy? He is Breis, not Breeze. Haha…A rapper…Not a naughty one who always curses or says vulgar words…He actually went to many school to rap in front of the students… Some teachers were very skeptical of him at first because of his self-introduction as a rapper…but he is not an ordinary rapper…He is a rapper who raps to inspire…Watch his TEDxYouth video below.

Click here for Breis’ TEDxYouth video.

Do you still remember the vibrant shiny black lady? She is Jan Blake, one of the best storytellers in the world. Her stories are so captivating and inspiring. I could feel her warmth during her story-telling sessions. On the last day of ICELT, when most guests had left, some of us who stayed back were quite lucky to have the chance to sit on the ground around Jan Blake who was telling us her last story in close distance. We felt like little small kids surrounding the fire and Mum-in-the-chair for a satisfying story before calling it a day.

Gladly, I guess it was our team spirit. Rounds and rounds of rehearsals together, exchanging of encouraging words…both me and Viji grabbed the Bronze Presentational Award.We were thrilled.

Both of us have learned a lot from this ICELT 2015. Very inspiring and touching sharing for the educators around the world, be it kindergarten teachers or lecturers. It gets our passion for teaching burning.

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