Family Time



Family time is the best. Time flies. Tomorrow, we are going back for work.
This time, we got to celebrate my brother’s birthday. Thai steamboat and Haagez Daaz Ice Cream Cake. Too bad he is having mid-term, I mean my younger brother. Besides, I feel that I can concentrate on my work better at home. Maybe this is due to the love environment. I finished reading six journal articles in one day. Recently, I just signed up as a presenter at an international conference, together with my dearest colleague. It is kind of crazy as the presentation date is in October but now I am still  working on the paper. It was my degree project which is full of flaw and insufficiency. Now, I am kind of nervous as I have signed up even though I am not ready with my paper. I guess UTAR Key Performance Indicator is the major motivator for me to sign up. Let me hope for the best. Let me be busy in this coming September. I want to achieve great things in this coming September. Sadness shall start and end in September. Oh no….I have gained quite a number of kg….currently 65kg. Time to control my diet and exercise more. I tend to eat supper and a lot recently as I tend to stay up late for work, which is not very healthy. Time to replace delivery food with oat. Just stock up some healthy instant food here in Alor Star. This August ends with a good rest. Got to catch up with grandpa and aunt as well. Wish them great health always. Hope to see you all again. The September shall be a fighting month. It is also the time I will start preparing for a new subject next trimester. I need to lead English for IT next trimester! Oh no….IT….panicked….need to keep myself abreast of IT issues…..and my Masters supervisor might reply my email anytime regarding my fifth proposal….Now, I have been reminded of what I need to do. Time to make a go. All the best, May. It will be a busy month but I will grow a lot intellectually and spiritually. And, nevertheless, I need to break off with obsession. My supervisor is right. No emotional baggage for now! Your thesis is the priority! Oh course, best friend still counts in the end of the day. Just need to strike a balance. 🙂

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