A Morning in the Clinic

Today, I paid a visit to the clinic where my mum usually goes to collect my medicine on behalf of me. The reason why I dropped by at the clinic myself today is because the psychiatrist insisted to meet me recently.

I guess God has His plan for me. This arrangement for me to visit the clinic turned out to be a rewarding one. I has learned more about myself.

Here it goes….

When your relationship with someone is maintained solely by you…

meaning you are always the initiator

or the proactive party who sends endless messages or whatever to the other every time

You need to watch out

Love has turned into obsession

and obsession is not love

When you are obsessed,

you only think of what you can do for him

what can you do to sacrifice for him

and what does he need to give you in return

You will focus so much on sacrifices

that you don’t realize that you are sacrifice for yourself, not him

You are doing the sacrifices to get self-worth

You indulge yourself in self-absorption

that you can only see your feelings and thinking

Even when your action hurts someone

you proceed with the destructive behavior

when others remind you about your selfishness

you will dismiss it or feel surprised

You need to step back and look at the whole world

instead of just your own reality

Now, I realize that some of the problems in my life are tied with my mental disorder

I am glad that this visit to the clinics has raised my awareness

I shall learn more about psychology and myself

instead of just dependent on medication

Some solutions to try out if you are obsessed:

Give up on any communications or chances of contact with the emotionally unavailable partner. Stop all correspondences. If he doesn’t stop, you need to stop all this. Even slight communication can create false hope for you to be obsessed again.

Try to dissociate your important life goals from the person. You can achieve your life goals on your own without his presence. He is a separate entity from your life goals.

Don’t try to contact him just to clear the sadness/loneliness in your heart. The more you contact him, the deeper you will fall into the obsession trap, the worse you will feel. In the end, you will feel regret. You gain nothing but consolation treatment which will be short-term.

Mourn. Mourning is the hardest part. We tend to continue with the obsession just to avoid the mourning stage. Mourning is actually good. There is not positive or negative feeling. All good and bad feelings are good tools in our life. Our feelings tell us about our status and lead us to where we should be heading. If you feel sad or bad with him, it is time to make a move.Your feelings are the best teacher if you try to understand them.

Obsession, if to a serious extent, it can turn into a crime or harassment.

You are not only destructing yourself but also others.

When love turns into obsession, it is no longer love.

Love should be out of richness

Love is support

Love is respecting people’s wishes, dreams…

Love is seeing people’s smiles

Obsession blinds you to all this

Being schizophrenic doesn’t mean you will fail at all things

Many schizophrenic patients are functioning excellently in all areas of life

If you let obsession take over, you will lose every well-managed aspect of your life

It doesn’t worth it when obsession makes your malfunctioning

you deserve a better choice of life

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