Stop expecting and hope for the best

I have learned to hope for the best

However, someone said,

“over-expectation leads to great disappointment and emptiness.”

Well, deep down in my heart, I know my future is bright

I know Happiness is waiting for me just at the next corner

I don’t know how Happiness looks like, smells like, sounds like…

but I know I will know all these when I meet my Happiness in the coming days

I might not know who my Happiness is

but I know my Happiness is always there waiting for me patiently

My happiness is loyal, real, stable, strong, forgiving, loving, cheerful, patient, funny, comforting, beautiful, handsome, hopeful, miraculous, surprisingly delighting….

I have this deep faith in my Happiness

Besides this future Happiness, I have another Happiness with me

who is walking hand-in-hand by my side now

I have learned to hope for the best

but not to expect things to happen in the shape I want or desire

My happiness has no shape, colour, weight, smell…

I have learned to let my Happiness take my wheel of life

instead of ordering my Happiness to do this and that

Orders don’t work at all

because sometimes, we just need to let go of the control

let go of all the planning

because God has His own unexpected way of bringing you blessings

You won’t know now

You need to have faith and walk down the path with a free heart

You might see a beautiful cascading waterfall

You might see an artistic museum

You might see an old dilapidated house with a Cinderella

You might see a mesmerizing blue sea and white beach

Whatever it is, it is your destiny

The key to your life

The reason you smile

The reason that is worth the patient countdown

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