Jealousy is the worst poison in this world. I learned about the killing effects of jealousy during a Shakespeare play I watched in UTAR. This literature play tells a story about how jealousy grabbed everything from a king.

Jealousy will create a very thick layer of impenetrable misunderstanding

Jealousy will blind your eyes towards true kindness

Jealousy will deafen your ears towards facts

Jealousy will create a selfish desire that hurts your loved ones

Jealousy will make you lose everything

Jealousy will turn you evil

Jealousy will turn you irrational, selfish, childish…

Throw away your jealousy

Jealousy is not outward insufficiency

but inward insufficiency

You need to fill the hole in your heart

The black hole that is anti-happiness

Be contented

A contented heart is happy not because she has everything

It is because she makes the best out of what she has

What belongs to others might not suit us

what belongs to us will find a way to us

have faith in the God above that casts His protective hand over you

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