I love my job

I just landed in a new job as a tutor in my alma mater, UTAR. A lecture class of 100 plus students has been assigned to me. I have been elected as the unit leader for English for Mass Communication. Thanks to UTAR for giving me a chance to rise.

My degree lecturer is so considerate. He swapped his classes with mine so that I need to handle only one subject (1 lecture, 4 tutorials). From 9 teaching hours per week, my workload has been reduced to only 6 hours per week after the swapping. His has increased to 12 hours per week. He is doing his Phd yet he has chosen to sacrifice his time. Billions of thanks to him!

I love lecturing. My passion towards teaching is growing bigger and bigger. I guess I have found a station. Yeah, I guess teaching is my passion. I mean teaching young adults.

I love the feeling of going to classes well-prepared and sharing my knowledge and experience freely. Thanks to a mysterious friend who introduced me this job.

With this reasonable workload, I have ample time for my Master’s thesis. Recently, my thesis supervisor just had a major surgery. I am glad that the surgery was successful and that she is recuperating at home. If not, I would have lost the pillar for my research.

Here, I have some best friends with me. They are lecturing in UTAR too. I feel lucky to have constant dinner mates every working days, except every weekends…as they are Ipoh people…they travel back home during weekends.

Though during weekends, I am usually alone, I get to have individual time to focus on my research. Of course, I never forget to have a jog in the park, the familiar place where I once always came and jogged.

I am lucky. I am happy. I love my job. I love my life. It was a good turn I have taken. No regrets but a heart full of gratitude.

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