Moving on…

This was once my happiest place.

When I left unhappily as told by my destine, I thought this place was irreplaceable.

Now, I am back.

I realize that the scenery has changed even before when I left.

I have also been changed by my destined journey during my absence at this place.

Things are no longer the same. Me either.

I have moved on and I must move on at that moment when I left the place where I was once the happiest.

Now, the place that brings me the most happiness is where I am standing now…

where I have reached after I departed for this life-turning journey.

The journey belongs to me, I belong to the journey.

I will keep on striving on this journey.

Though it seems to end in the undergrowth, my deepest sense tells me that this is my destine.

I am here on this journey for a purpose.

Thanks God I found you ❤

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