Let Life teach, not your kindness

In the past, I was a good company for everybody

Good people, bad people

Friendly people, fierce people

Everybody under the sun, I called them my best friends

No matter how arduous it was to keep our conversations going

I gave them my heart and soul

Thinking out of my naivete that as I sowed on our friendship,

I should reap a great harvest

I was too innocent to believe that every demon’s heart,

no matter how hard,

would be melted by the warmth of my love

and changed with new veins and bloods

for a new graceful heart

I am wrong

dead wrong

Toxic people should be eliminated from my life totally

My kindness won’t change any single nerve of them

I am not supposed to teach them with my kindness

Life is the real teacher

the best teacher

I shall leave them alone

and stay away from their negativity

that pulls me apart

I shall let Life be their best teacher

Good people and bright people,

you are welcomed to my life

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