I am a rubberband

stretching myself far and wide

to accommodate as much thickness of wooden sticks as I can

till the pain attacks me

due to the overstretching

that undermines my elasticity

which decreases with the increasing fatigue

that makes me give up for betterment

in order to get back to my original size

without any wooden sticks to cling on

How good is life without any wooden sticks!

No pain, no gain.

With the pain from overstretching,

I gain the wisdom that it is good without any attachments

Letting go is a wise choice

However, it takes so much pain to learn the wisdom of letting go

There are still other objects to cling on

I, the rubberband,

should try clinging on other thinner objects

Objects like the wooden sticks that grow like Topsy

are not suitable for a small and simple rubberband like me

I shall not lose my elasticity due to the overloading wooden sticks

On the contrary, I shall preserve my elasticity

for other objects that need my secure arms

I am not an ordinary rubber band

Many objects need my secure arms

Sorry, wooden sticks

It is time to bid farewell

I guess you need another bigger rubberband

Many other objects need me

I need to continue giving security

That’s my job as a rubberband

my worth, my life, my meaning as a rubberband

Wooden sticks,

your thickness is incomparable to the thickness of my life meaning

Mine is far thicker and denser

Let’s hope that my thickness will accommodate your thinness in contrast with mine

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