God is taking good care of me though I can’t see Him

I was sick for almost a week. When I just started to feel sick, I dismissed my sickness as a trivial one. One can of 100 plus seasoned with salt, honey, orange, pickled lime juice…would make me feel better, I thought. I was sure to recover without any medical intervention, I thought. I just had to stay away from almonds, cashew nuts, chocolate…which can cause ‘heatiness’.
Day after day, I was still sick. And my sickness was getting more serious. Hurix Fluaway capsule? I hesitated and dismissed the thought of having it. My sickness would go away soon, I was convinced.
After one week, I was still sick. Something miraculous happened.
At a nasi lemak stall, my mum picked up the packet of nasi lemak with a newspaper wrapper that was printed with the picture of Hurix Fluaway capsule advertisement photo. Guess what…it was wrapped in a supernatural way that the picture of Hurix Fluaway capsule was shown at the right angle…so clear and just nice.
I thought, maybe God was reminding me to take the capsule and take good care of myself. Okay, I would buy a blister pack of that for my sickness.
But I had forgotten till…On my dining table, I was eating my meal and suddenly…that pack of nasi lemak was placed at 90 degree perpendicular in front of me. The dining table was empty and wide but mum had chosen to place it right in front of where I was eating.
I was reminded again. God was reminding me again. At last, I bought a blister pack for myself. 
Thanks God, I am healthy now.

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