I am a new chef hoping to learn

Learning how to cook has been one of my wildest dreams. Now, I am in my hometown. Home sweet home while waiting for my selected research supervisor to be officially appointed. Therefore, I have a flexible timetable with my research reading as the priority. Therefore? …I cook nowadays.

My mum is my cooking guru.
I have learned that cooking needs a meticulous personality.
Sometimes, I forget to get ready with a few cloves of chopped garlic before frying up some vegetables.
…forget to beat eggs before pouring the eggs supposedly to be beaten into a burning frying pan
…forget to mix seasoning, water, thickener and salt well before adding them into my cooking
…pour too much cooking oil into the frying pan
…forget to measure water:egg ratio well before preparing steamed egg 
and so on
From these cooking experiences, I learn that every effort we put in needs planning ahead. I should have visualized the cooking steps well ahead of turning on the fire on stove. By visualization, I would have known what had been forgotten and what needed to be prepared.
Though I have some failed attempts, I won’t give up. I would continue to let my passion for cooking burning.

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