Typical Sunday

Date with Poicia. We hadn’t spent much quality time together after we went our separate ways at the end of our Foundation study. Today, we met up for a short meaningful catch-up. Short as she is preoccupied. Yet, she set aside one hour plus for me. Ate with me and acted as my driver. It has been years since we last hung out, ate and did assignments together.
My dinner: ABC soup. Good pamper for myself. Took me a few minutes to prepare. I am a glutton for vegetables. Time to chill out after the long reading about Systemic Functional Linguistics.

Broccoli + Japanese tofu + Tomato + King oyster mushroom + 1/2 vegetable stock cube

Chinese New Year tidbits from my dearest roommate. Not too sweet as other green bean pastries. Taste just nice with the aroma of pandan leaf. Good option as a gift for the elderly. Grab it from Penang!
Tambun pandan leaf green bean pastries from Penang

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