Christmas gifts

Today, I woke up late. Oh no…I failed again…but in the evening, I did simple yoga poses and moves which I have learned from a video I came across online.

There are 21 days before Christmas. I have decided to form some new habits in these 21 days. If my habit formation is successful, the new habits will be my Christmas gifts. Hehe…I guess this plan enhances my interest and determination. Therefore, I shall set my alarm clock tonight so that this plan can go on smoothly.

New habits on a daily basis
-Sleep for 9 hours the most (including my nap)
-Physical exercise for at least 30 minutes
-Read current news for 30 minutes
-English polishing for 30 minutes
-Blog to vent my spleen if there is any

-Read for my soul if there’s free time
-No more contact with ‘him’
-Youtube not more than 30 minutes (but can Youtube for 15 minutes between two major tasks)
-Build friendship
-Build family tie
-Say thanks for all things in life

Here I go. All the best, May. Enjoy the process. Have fun, May!

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