Why I am afraid to be forgetful

I always live with my sticky notes and to-do-lists

I realize this habit is pulling me down

When did this habit begin?

Well, listen to my story

I was a participant of the computer skill course organized in my school when I was just a kid younger than 12 years old. One day, the computer class time was adjusted to Saturday morning instead of the usual weekday. That Saturday, I woke up late as usual. The phone rang. Someone was looking for me. I answered the phone. The person asked me why I did not turn up for my computer class. I was very shocked. Oh my…I forget the class!!! The teacher must be angry with me!!!  I cried…afraid to be scolded…I don’t remember whether the teacher did scold me. But since then, I dare not be a forgetful girl.

Another unrelated story…but a similar one

One morning, as usual, my dad walked me to the class. He left and I looked for my homework in my school bag. When I wanted to take them out to submit but realized that my homework was not in my school bag…I cried and shouted for my dad. I chased over him…shouted at him from the first floor. However, no matter how hard I shouted…till my throat felt pain…he could not hear me at the ground floor…He left…too late…I couldn’t ask him to bring me my homework from home although I was sure that I had completed all my homework…I was afraid to be scolded…scolded like the hyperactive classmate tied on a chair…The girl scolded for peeing in the class…I am serious…I will never forget the scenarios…I replayed that in my mind… Suddenly, my friend who heard me shouting started to laugh at me…I was a bit angry with him but…to my surprise…my homework was already on my desk…oh…today, my dad was too caring to help me take my homework out from my school bag and place it on my desk….without me knowing it…I thought I didn’t bring my homework…though the fact is that I checked my school bag every night before I slept… over-responsible nature of mine…The teacher were just scary…

I shall let go of my childhood baggage and be more relaxed…not too much reminder lists…

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