Random thoughts about my smile

I am very kind-hearted
I am caring
and I will always be

Even though you hurt me physically, sexually, mentally or verbally
I am going to smile at you with forgiving eyes
I will always bless you no matter how

No matter who you are, what you have done to me and this world
No matter how bad you are, how you have hurt me or others
I will still smile and wish you happiness

My smile is strong and it will always stay
never leaves
Don’t feel afraid or lonely
my smile will always with you
I promise
I am here all this while
to support you
to give hope
to love you
to accompany you

I am strong
My smile is never defeated
My smile stays forever
A truthful smile
Hope everything is well for you
Pray all good things fall on you
I am this soft-hearted
I will always be
I will never change
I am happy to have found my true self
I will cling to my true self
The true self who is brave and faithful
who doesn’t retract because of pain and fear
I love myself
I love my smile

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