Glad to hear from you

I feel better
Maybe it is because that we Wechatted yesterday
I feel happy to hear from you
I still love you
may be in a different way
Now, I am happy knowing that you wish that I am good
You care…a little…at least
We are still friends…faraway friends…
Though we won’t contact always
but I know I am always here for you
and you are always here for me

I am glad that I have passed 21 days without contacting you
Robin Sharma said that habits can be formed in 21 days
I succeed
Not really…if yes, I won’t contact you again


I wish to go for another such 21 days
and after 21 days
I will Wechat you again

I guess I will just put aside 30 minutes everyday to miss you
Coz I am always thinking of you now
every second
including in my night dreams
Quite a number of dreams were about you
about you contacting me again…about that you…this you…Hehe
In my classes, I am always thinking about you
I can’t break with such thoughts about you
The more I try to break with this thought habit, the worse I feel
I guess the more I reject, the more it comes to me
That’s the law of attraction
So I guess I will just put aside 30 minutes everyday to miss you
So that…maybe this way will let me be more concentrate in other areas of my life
Try this

I won’t force myself to forget you
When the time to forget you comes, I will let go/forget automatically
Just be gentle with myself
and accept that you are part of my heart now
though I am not part of yours

Accept and let my life flow
it will flow beautifully
I have faith

Besides this, I have set aside 30 minutes everyday to polish my English
Good English for building my dreams
I want to be a writer
I want people to read my work
my stories
our stories, maybe…haha

30 minutes is short
but accumulated…it will be long and productive

I shall start building my dream
and missing you without guilt everyday
Hope you are fine too
How are you?
I miss you

I still love you
I am not stupid and irrational
I am being truthful to myself
and accepting myself for who I am
but..I can’t be sure I will still love you in the future
but at least now, I still love you

Fighting against my heart is torturing
Time to face my true feeling
Soothing I feel

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