I feel like exploding

Bloated…abdominal pain…urgg…Lots of gas in my stomach…I tried to fart and burp…but I failed…Feel like vomitting…have been eating little but feel so full…full of gas…couldn’t concentrate in my class…
irritable bowel syndrome is suffering…TT

I shouldn’t eat the porridge with canned beans… First time tried the canned beans…When I realized I am having IBS, I wondered whether I should pass on all the kitchen foods that might trigger my IBS to my parents. but for convenience, I decided to eat all, instead of bringing all the unsuitable foods back to Alor Star from Petaling Jaya. I promised myself not to buy those foods again…

So I ate the first and last canned beans…now, I am suffering…So it seems clear that I can’t eat beans…Oh no…I love red beans, soybean, green beans, kidney beans, black beans, bean curds, tofu…lots of artificial meats are made from beans…how? My vegetarian life is gone….

Yesh! I farted…What a comfort!  Or is the bloating caused of the green tea I drank? Tea is a no-no for me currently…I shall be more strict with my diet. Now I am keeping a food journal…I tried to do this years ago but I gave up due to lack of motivation..but my IBS is getting serious…The penny drops and I need to do something.

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