Will we meet again? Yes, we will.

You have turned away from me
but why am I still waiting?
coz I am still missing you

Is time a good healer?
or my love is stronger than time ?
time won’t change my heart?

I beg time to let us meet again
I am waiting, waiting and waiting
It seems to be forever waiting
endless waiting
My love seems to be not going to be over

Your love is no longer here
but I still feel it
coz it felt so strong and timeless
I may be stupid
but one day, God might be touched with my love
and grant me the permission to meet you
and to manifest my love towards you again

I don’t feel like forgetting you
I let you go but I don’t forget you
Though we have grown apart
but every single thing in my life can jog my memory related to you
I am always reminded of you even when there is no trigger
it just flows so naturally
so I just go with the flow
hoping our affinity will continue someday

The universe is where you and I exist
we are in the same universe
One day, I will die…you will too
we will reincarnate
We are always in the same universe
somehow, we are going to meet again
I hope we won’t be ships that pass in the night

I don’t want to change my heart
I prefer my old heart
because it is part of me

I will always live in our happy memory
enjoying looking at our memory photo albums every second from now onwards
smiling and laughing with gratitude with the awareness that everything is still true
till you nudge me from the reminiscence
and are willing to continue our love story again

I just need to be patient
wait for my time
every dog has its day

I know I am being unrealistic here
but writing this makes me feel better and more focused on my present life
It helps me to organize things up
Now, I have good mood to finalize my research proposal

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