20 Rules after Heartbreak

  1. My happiness doesn’t depend on others, but myself.
  2. I shall live based on what I feel, instead of what others think of me.
  3. I shall do what I want to do, instead of what I think I should do.
  4. I shall listen to myself and make my own decision, instead of listening to others’ wishes and making decision according to people’s wishes.
  5. I shall try something new.
  6. I shall feel that I am just perfect as the way I am.
  7. I shall feel that everything in my life is alright.
  8. I am living at this moment.
  9. I shall feel everything/everybody in my life exists for a good reason.
  10. I like my life to end up in this good way even though I were allowed to travel back in time.
  11. I shall care more about how my life feels, instead of how my life looks.
  12.  I shall be a good helper everyday.
  13. I deserve love and respect from people who can give me those things.
  14. I shall believe him when he tells me who he is, instead of trying to change him.
  15. I shall stop giving the man more than what I receive just to develop our friendship to romance.
  16. I shall stop wishing that he will love me one day if I keep giving.
  17. I shall not let the past to cheat on my future.
  18. I shall not let the breakdown of our relationship to affect my personality, value and self-respect.
  19. I shall not let the breakdown of our relationship to condemn me.
  20. I shall let it go if it is making me unhappy.

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