Second day

Yesterday night, although I didn’t sleep well, I did sleep.

Breakfast. Bird nest. Satisfied. My parents put effort to prepare it for us. One big bowl for each of us. Bro and me.

Today I started my day with a sugarless coffee. A good company while doing my homework. Gladly I have done 3 pages as planned.

When my heart and brain started to sink into negativity, I took a sip of the coffee and told myself that my prince was there with me. Then, I could continue my work stably.

The law of attraction was very effective.

Lunch time. I told my younger brother to buy lunch for us and said that I was going to stay home. He said that since he was going out to buy alone, he would just buy from the nearest chicken rice shop. I said okay as a flexitarian. But…surprisingly…he came back with vegetarian jawa mee from a shop further away.

Dinner time. He bought me laksa with an egg. Instead of eating with his badminton mates, he had takeaway to eat with me at home. I feel blessed.

I swept n mopped the floor. I feel more productive and meaningful.

I tried using the mini radio which is a gift from Daddy. Feel excited with the technology enclasped in this small box.

Got to catch up with a friend on Wechat. Blessed.

I feel great jotting down some stories here to feel grateful and powerful. Have a nice day!

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