First day when I try the Law of Attraction

Today is a day that is not too bad
Spent a few hours for quality time with a good buddy…Eat…Window shopping…Chat…I love the non-stop conversation from 11am till the late afternoon. I have been an anxious conversationalist. Glad that it went well.

I usually reached damn early before an appointment or departure. This time, I reached at 11pm sharp, the decided time instead of earlier. It seems I am getting less anxious about time. Last Sunday, my bus was departing at 1.30pm but I reached at 11am. Yeah, I have been overly anxious with time. I fear the thought of being labelled as a late comer. I need to overcome this to allow more time flexibility for myself.

I overcame my parking fear by going to the underground parking space I always gave up for easier parking outside the mall. Though I almost broke the right rear mirror but I managed to reach home with an intact car. Phewwww…..

At some points, my heart starts to sink when thinking of him
But I quickly pull back myself from sinking
By convincing myself that he is here all this while
Telling myself that he never leaves
The imaginary he…not him but someone
The good thing is that I manage to pull back myself and feel alright
Writing is also what makes me feel better and clearer with my direction

Reached home. Started to plan my homework schedule. 3 days to do homework in this mid sem break. Friday for resting and friendship.

Yesterday didnt sleep at all. Dark circles. Wearing spec to cover up. Look tired and dull. No mood to do homework. Well, today I gonna just rest n sleep well. Tomorrow I am working hard.

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