The mirror from friends

I always tell my friends who are in trouble…
You are great
You can manage it
You are going to make it
You can do much better and much more
You should believe that your life is not that bad
You should believe that your life will turn out good

But I fail to tell all these to myself
Now it is time
I tell myself each of these

Sometimes I wonder what the thing pulling my sad friend from the easily accessible happiness is
What is the thing that blinds my friend from seeing the opportunities and hopes?
I wonder why they are so negative-minded and short-sighted
I feel frustrated with their baseless complaints

Now when I look at myself
I am no different from them

Realizing my condition
I know that I am better…I deserve better…I have more than I think…I can be better…This is not the end of my life.

I just need to direct my attention on my blind spots. I should make any judgement too hastily. There are just a lot of good things about myself that I never realize. And there are wounds in me that I never notice too.

After I discover the good things, I celebrate the assets for better future. For the wounds, I discover them, understand them, forgive them, accept them, take care of them, heal them. I will end up feeling better, looking better in all fields of life from social support to my study.

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