I don’t think, I do

Yesterday, I slept well
I started to eat properly during dinner

Nowadays, I hate nap and sleep that is too early or extended
I only stay in bed for sleep
When I am not sleepy or have slept enough,
I would leave my bed

I can’t bear the feeling of thinking in bed
Thinking makes me nostalgic
Feeling nostalgic is scary and painful

I keep myself busy with reading and assignments
Leaving less time to ponder about our past

I stop listening to songs which I always played last time while thinking of you
New songs come in my life
New scenes come in my life
No more repeated actions that associate my thinking to you

I am more productive
No more procrastination
Lessening the time spent thinking of you
Keeping myself preoccupied
No space and time to cry

Completed my work faster
No more sleeping pig
No more day-dreaming
I don’t like the feeling of waiting that makes my mind wanders
I am always doing something every moment
I think less
I do more
I feel better
I am building my dream
instead of thinking of my dream
that’s good
maybe God has planned all this for me
a big step forward
a change
a welcome change
for a better me
better future
better love
better life
better May

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