It ended…but a new one is coming

I am sad
It feels like a dream
The fairy tale ended at twelve midnight
I am still puzzled
It ended so soon
I am numb
I am painful

But I am the winner
yes, I am
I have loved whole-hearted
I never lie to myself
I am always truthful to my feelings
I never betrayed my love, my heart
I never give up on my love

The firework was short but beautiful
I enjoyed it
enjoyed it with anxiety
happiness plus sadness
that is the greatest mixture
the feeling of love
I have tasted it
no regrets
Now, the fairy tales ended
I shall move on to the next love challenge

I need to be strong
I am forced to
I have been wandering so long
changing so many major decisions for love

I shall go for what I want
A move to a country I love
A job I love
Start to consider whether I should enroll myself in a psychology course
Instead of following the blueprint that was designed based on his needs
I shall follow back a new blueprint
that is exclusively for myself

Friends are the greatest comfort for this painful period
I am glad to have you all

I am glad that she told me our similarities
I am not weird and alone
I am glad my dad bought me a hat and mini-radio
I am glad my dad won his lottery
RM8000 plus….Hehe
I am glad that I am meeting my younger brother at home soon
I am glad my cousin said she loves me
I am glad he has promised to fetch me to the bus station

I need positive events
I should keep finding positive events in my life, be it small or big
I am hungry for positive events
to heal my bleeding heart

A tight corner makes a better person
Thanks God for this challenge
You make me grow
You make me realize who deserve my love
I am well better
I deserve a better one

I am ready for the next love challenge
No more turning back
Whoever turns back is the noob, I tell myself
I have given everything
No more to give
Too poor

I shall start earning my life back
for the next love to care for me
Women are to be loved,
not abandoned

I should treat myself like a princess
I have tasted puppy love
Time for love that is more rational and realistic
My story ends here
Feel great to vent my negativity here
sorry to make you my dustbin:)

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