The night when I was cheered up

I am sad…worried…anxious…
I am not sure if this is called relationship anxiety
but I am kind of restless
thinking of all the bad possibilities in our relationship
I search all over for my faults in the relationship
I can find many… countless
yet I feel helpless to find a way out…to correct the faults

I got myself a listener
He said…Let’s hope for the best…and plan for the worst…If the worst turns up, just be stronger…

One more quote from him which is so powerful that sent my tears rolling down…

One has one thousand reasons to leave, but decides to stay for the only one reason.
One has one thousand reasons to stay, but decides to leave for the only one reason.

He is right. I shall just wait and see. Only time can prove to us if we are compatible.

 I have done my best. I am willing to learn how to manage our relationship. I am learning. I am improving. I hope you give me chances.

However, love is something exclusive for two. If it is mine, it would always be. If it is not, I will lose you, no matter how many stars I have plucked for you.

Anyways, I am glad that we have made it so far. I really enjoy the love moments. Thank you for the good time and chances.

My friend said most guys enjoy quiet moments with their loved one. It is normal for most guys to talk only when needed. I hope what he said applies to my relationship too. But, what he told me gives me the slightest hope that I need so much.

Great one. I feel better now. Thanks, my best friend. You are the greatest ‘mental hassle’ dustbin. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

I shall relax. Yes, he is right. Cool down, May. Sleep early. I am meeting my babe, my beloved cousin for a sister hang-out in KLCC. My life shouldn’t just about romance, but precious sister time too. 

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