I pretend to be okay
instead of being depressed

I pretend to be just a casual friend
instead of being a close friend

I pretend to be careless
instead of being caring

I pretend to be warm-hearted
instead of being hostile

I pretend that the world is fine without you
instead of the world tumbling down

I pretend to be a healed person
instead of a hurt person

I pretend to be excited with life
instead of feeling lonely in life

I pretend as if this is the real me
instead of revealing to you that I am acting

Pretend, pretend and pretend
till the extent of not recognizing myself
till the girl that loves you dies
till a new baby girl is born

Pretend is a good practice
I will become one if I keep on pretending
Pretense leads to habit
Habit dies hard
I just have to hold on and continue to pretend

Let the angels heal my broken heart silently
One morning, I am going to wake up to my happiest day
the day when I am independent
the day when nothing is pretense
but originally from me

Pretense is a must-learn lesson of life for an adult
We just need to let go of our face value
be more shameless
pretend that we are not shy, timid, inferior, guilty…
then…we will realize that our decision to pretend is not that bad

In this life, everyone is an actor
you write your own script too
unless you are stupid enough to just be directed by the drama director

Act our your favourite drama
Write your script as you love
act it out like nobody’s business
you will be awarded as the best actress
Be an actress that inspire millions of lives

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