I am…I am…just good

I am beautiful
I have extraordinary face features
I am attractive
I am kind
I am helpful
I am diligent
I am clever
I am honest
I am friendly
I am loving
I am generous
I am responsible
I am filial to Mum and Dad
I am caring
I am ambitious
I am positive
I am healthy
I am cute
I am innocent
I am pure
I am spiritual
I am who I am
I am just fine
I am just good enough
It is okay when I am wrong
or when I am bad
because the bad me is not the whole picture of mine
It is only a small part of mine
I am unbelievable
I am incredible
I am just hidden in the soil of political world
hidden under the blanket of world complexity
The real me is the best and most valuable
I have progressed very well under my given circumstances
My wound is healing
and I am growing into a better person
It is okay when I cry
It is okay to feel sad
as the protective sky is always on top of me
as long as I am alive
I have the chance to do something about the sadness
There are ways to turn back to happiness
I am learning
I am progressing well
I am closer to happiness by minutes
I am working hard silently
The enlightenment will follow
I feel great writing this self-healing poem
You can try it out when you are down

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