I am the touchy type

After a long day of toiling in front of my computer screen
Thesis topic has been set
At the thought of having it approved, I feel on cloud nine

While calling it a day
my heart won’t stop feeling
My heart always works very hard

A little kindness can send hundreds of tear droplets rolling down
I am this sensitive
and soft-hearted

Crying and running away without the goodbye song
Into the rain I run
Rain of failure, rain of laziness, rain of jealousy, rain of loneliness, rain of ineptitude, rain of hatred, rain of insecurity, rain of fear…

Rain and tears
Tears and rain
Both lumped together

Tears should be salty
Rain should be sour (acid rain, Hahaha)
I couldn’t distinguish the rain and the tears of separation
All in one

As a woman, when I feel sad for one thing
I try to raise up all issues to feel sad about
study, career, family, buddies, personal image…
ending up feeling despondent and worthless
it’s like reopening old wounds
one shot triggers all
a ripple effect 

The rain of various issues aggravates the severity of the tears of one kind
I am an emotional animal
I feel everything that is there

Instead of just looking at one issue and solving it
I feel instead of see
I don’t have to see something in order to feel it
I am the touchy type
I am just about feelings
Rationality is the hardest subject for me

It can be bad or good
Sometimes, the emotion is a good helper
Inspiration keeps flooding in
and I can produce hundreds of words

Sometimes, the emotion is an enemy
Problems left unattended
My physical and mental being deteriorates

I am just a typical woman

I cry tears of joy at the slightest kindness
as I know happiness is really rare and precious
every small good thing must be recorded and celebrated
after the great pain and loss

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