Thank you for your love language

Thanks for asking me “what happened to you?” yesterday night.
I was so worried that you would ask “what’s wrong with you?”.

“What happened to you?” sounds better to me.
It is very comforting 

  1. Thanks for being caring towards my life obstacles and fear
  2. Thanks for thinking that I am normal and nothing is wrong with me
  3. Thanks for affirming my self worth
  4. Thanks for validating my old wounds instead of calling me ‘a cat with love and pity greed’.
  5. Thanks for showing concern towards my pain
  6. Thanks for taking to your heart my sorrow

This lightens my heart burden
Thanks for accepting and loving the vulnerable me
Vulnerable yet true to herself
Thanks for seeing my true colour

“What’s wrong with me?” sounds horrible to me.
It is demeaning.

  1. Thanks for not judging me based on my mistakes
  2. Thanks for not grabbing my chances to be better
  3. Thanks for not disqualifying my good qualities
  4. Thanks for not degrading me
  5. Thanks for not repairing me, but supporting me for self-repair
  6. Thanks for not classifying me as a wrong item

This creates my self-respect
Thanks for accepting and supporting the flawed me
Flawed yet potential to grow
Thanks for seeing my capability

Last but not least,
thanks for asking who I am, instead who they think I am.

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