If I were dying in three months…

Today, I came across two stories that are about the last moments of a dying lady. The main characters in both the stories are terminally ill. The doctors say they have limited time to live.

Sad at the beginning. Happy starting in the middle. The ladies get enlightened. Let’s hear what they have to say.

“I shall not worry about the future which is not here yet. What is real is the present moments. I shall indulge myself in the wonderful passing moments. We don’t know when is our last day to be alive so let’s not fret about the future. Stop expecting a guarantee for your planned future. 
Patience is the ability to count down before the celebration. Love as if you have all the love in the world. Rest as if you have all the time in the world. Be yourself. Do as your heart wishes. 
Get rid of any kind of constraints you can think of. Craziness is happiness. Live as if the clock has stopped ticking…as if you have only presence in your hands.
This is a path leading to undergrowth with no clear view of the end destination. Others may have a better straight path. However, I shall walk the path as it is my path. My special destiny. 
Half way through the path near the undergrowth that blocks my way, I shall meet someone to guide me. That someone can be one of those people who have walked such a path before me. 
The past is gone and no longer here. It won’t affect my present moments. I shall live one day at one time. The presence has nothing to do with the past and future. The past has no control of our presence if we make the decision to be happy. 
No time to complain about anything. Say thanks for millions things. I shall not waste any moments doing the meaningless complaints that bring nothing. Complaining and saying thanks both use up same amount energy of your mind but the outcome of saying thanks is far more healing to the heart and soul.

Follow my heart and live as I wish. If the present moments go as I wish, that’s great. Stay at the presence instead of thinking into the past and future worriedly. If the present moments don’t go as I wish, I shall try to change the course of unfolding events into a positive one.
If I do not have the capability to make the change, I shall let it go with the belief that the depressed moment is just a passing phase. I can cry and escape from sadness for a while but the sadness won’t stay forever. 

With each trap of sadness, some enlightenment follows. Just like the contrasting black and white piano keys that work together to make good music. After sadness, happiness follows. This is what always happens in our life. Don’t you sense so? A life with self-growth is filled with happiness.
If I gonna die, I shall die living my own life, instead of being an actress that acts according to the written script. Do what I love, indulge myself again in the hobbies that put a smile on my face and bring warmth to my heart.
Even though I fail at last, I enjoy the process of striving. Happiness is a process, not a destination.”

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