What do I want?

I have been chasing it
all this while
for so many years
every second
with the rhythm of my heartbeat

But, is ‘it’ something existing?
To my horror, ‘it’ is void

Therefore, I start to ask myself
what do I want in this short life?

Do I want success that is born out of toiling days and nights?
Success that is eating away my soul and happiness?

Or I prefer the journey of exploration
a journey without an end
the adventure and surprises?
the gain and growth?

Which kind of compliments I want?
The one simply given away
just to please my heart

or the one given with a sincere and respectful heart?
for the miracles I have created in many lives

Which kind of love I want?
The one that hurts me like thorns
the one that depletes my self-respect?
the one that makes me cry?
or the one that is always there for me throughout the rain and storm?
or the one keeps me in company?

I need to adjust my focus
towards what I really want in my life
Life is like a burning candle
It flickers when wind comes
It can be blown out easily

What you really want in life is important.
If not, you are just a slave
be the controller for the wheel
navigate through the sea with fun

If you have found what you want,
work and strive for it
Good luck!

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