The Elevator

I was in an elevator
I pressed on the key for the highest storey
The elevator went up and up
Its door opened
It was dark and quiet
The darkness and quietness was taking my breath away
My blood ran cold
I walked and walked along the hallway
I was praying to see some light and friendly faces
Thanks God, I saw a room with light
I quickened my pace to the room
There, I saw him
I sighed in relief seeing the familiar face
The man who saved me
That was the scariest hospital ever

I woke up
Oh my…The same dream again
but I felt good
I woke up before my dad woke me up
After a short while
dad knocked on my door
It was 6.11am
Time to jog

I got to jog for 30 minutes
and had 30 minutes for Figurerobics
And a movie with my sweetheart

If everyday is like today
it will be awesome
I shall create more days like this

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