OMG! I killed him

A few days more and it would be the date for my speaking contest
The contest that had been given much importance by me and others

One day, at the window
I saw someone cleaning the window
My thought flew away
My soul was out of my body roaming around

One push for the window
Out of alertness and lack of attention
I had also pushed that someone down
all the way down from the Xth floor to the ground

Oh my God..
I had killed the person
I am a criminal..I told myself

On the day of the contest,
when I walked out to compete with other famous deejays
All eyes were on me
They were saying, “Why are you here? You are the killer! Go away! Police! Catch her!”

I woke up…It was a dream
Scary dream…frightening
The horrible consequence for losing alertness and attention
If I had concentrated well
It wouldn’t have happened
A good lesson
Thanks God for Your message

I shall be more attentive
and not be the kind of girl that is…
the lights are on, but nobody is home.

Recently, I have horrible dreams every nights
Maybe, He wants to show me something

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