Are you an indoorswoman?

The psychologist said that people who always stay indoors are not necessarily indoors people. They may be mentally ill.

The accurate definition for an indoors woman: She loves to do her own stuff at home…and she is happy at home…She doesn’t like to go out not because of lack of social skill…If forced to go out, she can socialize well with people without major problems…she is not afraid of people…

If you consider yourself an indoors person but you doesn’t fit the above definition, be careful.

A person who defines himself an an indoors person with the reasons that he is afraid of people and lack of social skill…something has gone wrong…The person is mentally ill to certain extent…

When I know this, I realize that I am not an indoors woman…I am just ill…maybe a little bit mentally

As soon as I know this, I have decided to overcome the fear of meeting people…talking face-to-face

I need to screw up my courage if I have no courage…Time to get out of the house…

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