Sports activity

Today, I went to a sports activity with Sze Wen (I forced myself to wake up although I didn’t really sleep during the night, currently, I has difficulty falling asleep). A big applause for me for being motivated for the sports activity. And Sze Wen was so caring to prepare me a bread for breakfast. Thank you…
Those joining the activity are very strong. They have good stamina and I was firing on all cylinders to chase after them during the hill run (It was a short distance hill run, but the route was just too steep for a weak lady like me). But the good thing is…today I ran for more than 30 minutes…I mean I ran and walked…the whole process took me more than 30 minutes. And my right knee is no longer painful. Miracle!
After the jog, we sat down under a tree and had some spiritual sharing. Guess what…one of them was the Malaysian famous singer, Daniel Lee who is also the ambassador for World Vision. I saw him on TV as a singer but I never knew he is also just an ordinary man and most importantly, he is spiritual.We were singing some spiritual songs and he was the guitarist.
I was clueless during the sharing as I am the new kid on the block. During the sharing, due to the physically challenging run, my mouth was so dry and I was craving for water, fruit juice, 100 Plus. Hahahaha….My water bottle was in the car. A reminder for you all: Always keep your water within your reach after your exercise. Notwithstanding my thirst, the sharing did inspire me. And I will write a poem for this. Stay tuned!
Suddenly, we realized there were some kids learning to roller-skate. The roller-skate guru was training the children to move down the steep hill with roller-skates. And what amazed me was that the surface was not even at all. A small girl kept falling, but she said never mind and got up. Fell again and stood up unstably again. I was astounded as I had slight phobia of height and steep slope. My phobia is getting better and I hope I can learn from the children who were roller skating.
Then, what’s next? Breakfast! I got to chit chat with some new friends. Here, it ends…Later, I am going to meet them again for dinner and some sharing.

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