He loves me

When I am fighting tooth and nail to gain success
He never helps me
But he says, “You are almighty, you can do it!”
I trust him, so I keeps on
I succeed without any help
He praises me, like how my father saw me learning to walk as a baby

Sometimes, he pampers me
He enlivens my spirit by creating some miracles
His blessing which may be rare
teaches me how much each blessing worth
Makes me a person who knows how to appreciate
and be contentful

By being contentful,
I turn from rags-to-richest in terms of spirit

He gives me challenges
that ruffle my heart and make me bigger
that polish my heart and make me shining

During the challenge, he never lifts a hand to help me
as he knows this is my own journey
I am the only one who can make it a success

If I have faith in his love,
I will make it through
and marvel at my self-contained unit
that has scaled the mountains and sailed across the seas

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