Football High Fever

The Brazil FIFA World Cup is ongoing. Since the high fever is so widespread that it penetrates the hearts of the young and old, I have decided to discover the reason of the exultation and join in the merry crowd (just to feel inclusive). As you know, it is hot coffee table topic.
I watched these two song videos. 
And I start to feel part of the exultation too, especially when I see how hard the football players try to score a goal and how hard the audience cheer them on by hollering at their highest decibels. I see determination, perseverance, trying-the-best, teamwork, fighting spirit as well as support, love, trust, celebration, encouragement…
It is very happening and keeps my blood flowing. It is not a group of 100 people or 10,000 people but the whole world of people. Not at the scene, but maybe in front of live television or recorded videos.
I see a sense of unity where many inhabitants of this earth come together, looking at the matches together, hollering together, hoping together, celebrating together, fighting together, encouraging together…The togetherness that strikes me deeply is what makes me captivated.
Instead of talking about the political kerfuffle in Brazil, the MH370 tragedy, the Bible controversy in eastern Malaysia, it is all about play and joy. The footballers play the football hard, the football jocks pick up joy from each goal scored. 
If such World Cup can bring the world together, it is a thing worth to be proud of. It is when we look at the same phenomena, think of the same phenomena, talk about the same phenomena, do the same things. This one vision makes the world one. 
Of course, I am trying to be positive (my famous last word! Haha) by ignoring the dissatisfaction of fiasco experienced by certain football teams and shared by the supporters. However, we can always rise from the ashes and get back on the rails. It is an epiphany for football teams of many countries when they come together to have competitions to get a clearer view of their achievement in the pecking order. It is self-understanding for each football team. 
And it never ends as the next World Cup is always on the way. The legacy and remnant from the senior footballers is always there to be inherited by the fledgling footballers and the football high fever never dies. It always reappears after four years. Such an infinity feels good.

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