A miracle in my oasis

A few days ago, I was depressed. I mean to the extent that I cried. Why? I know you will ask. Well, maybe it was because of the non-stop lecture-notes-plus-textbook moment. Maybe it is because of something else. I am not really sure what is it. But I guess I will live through. However, I would tell you all when it’s the time.

Therefore, I got out of the coop. I was thinking to walk around aimlessly…. used my eye to see things that distracted me from what was pulling me down.

During the moment of dusting off myself, something miraculous happened. While in the bus where I was sitting…An old lady having weak knees, with her hands full of her purchases from the nearest market, was struggling to land her both feet stably on the bus. A Samaritan helped her eventually.

I almost reached my oasis of calmness (It is not really an oasis, but it is a place within my easy reach). When boarding off the bus, I heard the old lady saying, “Can you help me with the packages?” just at the same moment I realized she had reached her destination too. Therefore, I adhered to her request and made sure she get down well.

She asked me for help desperately. She needed a taxi. I looked down the road. A taxi appeared. I was happy to try to thumb a lift but the taxi passed by with an evil smile. I persisted on. The old lady started to get impatient and walked to me. I asked her to sit down like a queen. At last, we got a taxi.

I told her I was going with her in the taxi till her destination since her destination was close to my destination which was just across the road. I was wondering…she said her husband would fetch her from the coffee shop…why don’t he come with her since she can’t walk well? Where are her children? She used a broken purse. Is she poor? Does she bargain a lot in the market every mornings?

The kind taxi driver asked for RM 3 as the cab fare instead of RM 4. However, the grandmother’s voice which was the kind you can hear at the end of the room insisted to pay RM 4.

We were here in the coffee shop. He had not reached. She insisted to treat me to breakfast. I said no need. He reached.

Throughout the moments in the coffee shop, a penny dropped. While she was talking about her children and grandchildren studying overseas, I realized with amazement that she was from a rich family. but I was still perplexed. As we talked and talked…oic…her children came back from overseas…she bought more food compared to the usual trips to the market…she was planning to cook herbal soup…she had just done a knee operation…she is rich, definitely, as seen from the garments she and her husband donned.

Her husband thanked me many times, as if he was praying to a God. He looked relieved. Oic…it was not like what I thought…It was just a mother who loves to be independent…Her husband can’t drive far to the market…His eyesight are blurred. Nevertheless, a mother who loves her children very much and can’t wait to cook Mum’s culinary delight for them once they are home…but something still puzzled me…why don’t she move to overseas and stay close with her children? Is it because of the incapability to cope with the weather, culture or language differences there? Or these old couple loves this old place, Petaling Jaya?

I earned a glass of unsweetened barley juice for my deed. What’s more? I has earned an answer-for-the-dark-moment. After this event, I felt that I have helped myself to feel better. It is hard to explain. But if you put yourself in my shoes, you can feel it. It is not that you have done a good deed. It is like…you are not the one who is helpless and desperate… there are people in worse circumstances…You are far more lucky, far more richer, far more stronger…

You can make your picture look nicer not by making a nice limiting frame for it, but by adding characters to the picture. Erm..sounds abstract? I mean you can make your life better…not by enhancing your life…but by enhancing people’s life…Because their thanks leave footprint in your heart…telling you that you are not worthless…make you not to think of bleeding yourself by caring for yourself more…

My journey ended with a resounding final. On my way home from the so-called oasis, a passenger paid the bus fare for an old uncle struggling to get on the bus behind him (so that he wouldn’t lose stability while burrowing in his pocket for RM 1 note).

The uncle went after the passenger, trying to pay him back, just like how the grandmother paid the taxi driver RM 4. Insistent… Stubborn…but caring…do you feel familiar with this caring face? All of us have at least one at home, I guess…or in some parts of our life…Life is good with caring people around…The world is not dark…I am safe…   

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