True Smile

If someone offers you two gifts to choose from…

Millions of dollars
True love

Which will you choose? This question suddenly pops up in my mind.

The answer is obviously easy for a spiritual person like you.

Yeah, absolutely…True love

However, as I get older, I almost forget my choice

I felt a call from home a few times per day is annoying and time-consuming
I would rather do my work, get good achievement and get a lucrative job
I would rather enjoy my leisure time without disruptions

If I count, I realize my time at home…
If I work out of my hometown, go home for 2 days monthly…I have only less than one month at home with my aging parents

If I study out of my hometown, go home for a three-month break per year, I have only three months at home per year
How scary the calculation is!

A few calls from my parents per day are reasonable.

As I grow up, I only do things that bring monetary returns or some sorts of self-benefit
I felt a beggar asking for money is annoying
I felt reluctant to help my friend because she/he gives me nothing in return
I felt lazy, demotivated to do a job because I gain no money…I gain nothing

I am just looking into myself and miss the vast scenic view of this world
I fail to grow the second heart to fill the love
Instead of asking for something back…in material form, in intellectual form, in spiritual form…
I ponder about this sentence

Happiness is a choice made with effort.

Keep in mind that happiness is not a gain, but choice+effort
Effort = giving instead of waiting for something
Choice= choosing true love that all human kinds need, instead of being controlled by worldly desires

It is not about the positive feedback, praises, monetary returns, status, reputation…after the effort
It is about enjoying putting in effort
Enjoy the process instead of clouding your mind with the expected end results

Don’t miss the innocent smiles of your children if you are a kindergarten teacher
no matter whether the school activity is successful

Don’t miss the grateful smiles of your friend if you are a savior to your friend
no matter whether he repays you

Don’t miss your sweet family stories when you are studying/working

Living is breathing at any moment
but not holding your breath for the freshest air
you will be suffocated holding your breath

The closest air is the best
It is what you have
It is the most realistic and dependable
Have it or you will miss it sadly
The closest air is what the lungs need

The closest true love is what the heart needs
Try adjusting your focus from the far end product to what you can say thanks in life
Your heart will get solitude and joy

When endless effort is put in, endless happiness will follow

Happiness is not to be seen, touched, smelt, tasted, heard…but felt by the heart
It is so vague yet so strong
It seems to exist in a vacuum
It is nowhere to be noticed

but happiness is what can put a real smile on your face
not a proud smile, not a sarcastic smile…
but a smile that touches you so much
a smile that makes you move on happily and willingly

We work hard for many years for a bucket of gold
but thousand buckets of gold just can’t buy us a truthful smile
what’s the point?

Don’t work for a smile that you have when you self-gain something
Work for a smile that you have when you see him/her gaining something
Love gets richer with giving
When you asks for love, it is because you are poor of it
When you give out love, it is because you are rich of it

Of course, you need to self-love, so that people who love you feel unworried and smile freely
their smile upon your self-love
cheers you up too

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