My chosen path

That’s all I want
That’s what I have chosen
since the moment I have decided to be on this path of love
taking all the troubles to etch a smile on somebody’s face
walking through the storms to find happiness for somebody
having all the sacrifices to exchange for someone’s positivity
compromising for somebody’s wishes
plucking the stars of hope for somebody
At some points in the journey
I may feel discouraged and weak
and may feel small and victimized
but if I have always remembered this is what I have chosen
I would smile at the presence
The presence I have designed for myself
with all my decisions, actions, goals…
with all the emotion games I have put myself in
It is not a blame game
But a game of courage
If I started all this
I should play with pride and willingness
If forced to end the game
I, the starter, should end it myself
end it with satisfaction and contentment
This is a piece of artwork I have produced
This is the achievement I have striven for
The inner transformation I have designed for myself
What I have lost should be what I have never cared of losing since the beginning
I should know well that whatever resources I have put into this gamble game
They might disappear forever
This is the road not taken
that I have chosen to embark on
it is hard to turn back to the starting point
as I have walked far
but I shall take a turning into a new road
a new road not taken
with a hopeful heart overflowing with love
I lose when I am not courage enough to grant somebody’s wish
I lose when I lose my beginning directions
I lose when I have forgotten my goals

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