All I need is YOU

I am home
I feel recharged
Home has been my recharging station
Station that is always rooted there, unmoving
Station of positive power
Being away from home for some time
I almost lose sight of myself
And forget how I look like
Mum’s cooking reminds me of my appearance
The appearance of my soul
After all, all I need for my whole life…
…is just this bowl of ordinary yam vermicelli soup
…cooked by her while she is up to her neck taking care of us
She works morning, noon and evening
It’s all for us, all about us
What I need is so little
And it is always available
at a place called home
If all I need is just so simple
Why am I calling myself victim all this while?
What I need is just love
And I have plenty of it at a place called home
How long have I deprived myself of a good sleep?
of a good face wash?
of a good bath?
of a good body stretch?
of a good book?
How much have I deprived myself of just because…
I have forgotten that…
all this while, all I need is just…
family love
…that is so deeply rooted there
Being home allows me to see clearer
to know my need clearer
to simplify things up
to clear the mess
Sometimes, we are too preoccupied
and forget that all we need is just…
…the compliment from Mum
…the affirmation from our family
…the happiness of being inclusive
…the little nap
…the movie
…the mind-opening book
…the togetherness
Going home is all we need
All I want is just this, not that!
(Note: I am not yet home, but was home. And will be home soon. Haha…)

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