The War

You took everything and went away
All things left got destroyed
I called you an asshole

A penny dropped
I am the princess here
you can’t take everything

I have the mighty king and queen
batches of soldiers to die for me
I can protect whatever left

A rotten apple can still be eaten
after I cut away the rotten part
if thrown away, what a stupid act!

I stopped calling you an asshole
and call you the top defendent
who has strengthened my self-defence

one thing is gone,
no point giving up what is left
should grab harder to the remnant

appreciate the remnant
use it to build my country
every pieces counts
every blood and sweat counts

The inner pain will no longer there
the inner joy multiplies with each effort

till one day
no more tears and blood
only celebration and gratefulness

you haven’t taken anything precious 
you have just taken my weakness
I am left with my strength

you are just a typical fighter
I have got a country of people who love me
Should I fear you?

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