Language is beautiful

Have you ever said, “What the fuck?” Is it bad to say “What the fuck?”
Have you heard, “What the fuck! You score 30 marks more than me!”?
Or have you heard, “What the fuck! Why are you creating this mess?!”?

The primary is used as a compliment in a casual way.
The secondary is being rude.

Language is actually beautiful, provided that we imbue it with positive energy. 
Let’s replace the words ‘challenge’, ‘barrier’, ‘difficulty’ and ‘trouble’ with words like ‘opportunity to rise’, ‘the route of enlightenment’, ‘practice for the betterment’, ‘inner transformation’ and others.
Don’t speak with a victim voice by blaming, scolding, lamenting, wincing…
Speak as if you are the controller of your fate. Speak with hopes. Speak with positive visualization. Speak with gratitude. Speak with agreement. Speak with love and care. Speak with appreciation.

Guide and encourage instead of criticize. Discuss instead of scold. Sharing instead of debating.

Start today. Speak beautifully and your life will be transformed.

Words matter. Words have the best and most accurate manifestation.

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