I want to be a love slave

Studying, studying and studying
I am cracking up
get buried in the mountainous notes
Am I a slave?
What am I studying for?

Erm…let me chill out
What do I live for?
I remember…
Someone said it’s all about love
Live as if you are here to love and serve
Love your parents, siblings, friends, the elderly, the needy…
Treat your men as if they are your flesh 
When you live for love,
you won’t get exasperated easily

Put everyone first, put yourself last
we enjoy during the sacrifice
the best gift in the world is being able to give
with every gift you create,
it adds richness to your life
with every sacrifice,
it adds another layer to your enlightenment

Go beyond the selfishness
Give and you shall get
A flower you give, a garden you receive

Love, I would like to work for you
Let me be your slave
I am studying for love

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