I cannot be more than myself

Life is like putting together the puzzle pieces
I can be quite lost sometimes
helpless at the sight of the incomplete puzzle image

I am so tired trying to become someone
someone I am not up to
someone who is not me
I have decided not to be more than myself
and be what I can be
The person I can be the best

Forget the birthday gifts
Enjoy the birthday song
Enjoy the mirth
Yes, just enjoy the moment
Forget that I need to be home earlier
Forget that I have tons of homework to do

Just grab the moment in my hand
and see it plodding along
Smile at the unfolding of miracles

I am just a girl,
and I will always be
and this is what I suppose to be
up to you to decide whether to approve me
This is all I can be 

Someone told me…I should not go for infinity
but go for my achievable standard
he have my welfare in mind
guess he is right

Maybe you think nothing is impossible
humans should live as if there is not limitations
but I am just not that strong
I am different

I would rather to settle down with all I have
Instead of jumping into the trap again
trap of infinity
trap for seeking for approval
trap of wrenching myself

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