Forget Youuuuu

* This does not represent my personal standing.

I heard you are together with the girl
then I tell myself to forget youuuu

I saw you posted a picture with her
okay, I am gonna tell myself to forget youuu

I see that you two are very sweet
so I convince myself she is a gold digger
(I know it is not true, but I love completing myself this way, not to be inferior)

You told me that I am lonely
I was like…what the hell are you talking about?
Do you know me well enough to judge me?
How much time have you spent with me?!?!

You told me that I have lots of secret
Who cares? You think you have the rights to know my secret?!
No, no, nooooooo
What does it have to do with you? 

You told me you care about me
What the hell? then where was you all the while?

You said I cry
I never cry a single tear for you
my tears worth more than that

You told me you love her
so okay, I bless you two
but I can’t stand your fake kindness
stop showing that you care
it disgusts me

Sorry to humiliate you,
just to have the soothing sense of ignorance 

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