Choose the right path

I planted an orange seed in the soil.
With love and care, I tended the orange seed.
Day after day,
with sufficient water, sunlight, air and fertilizer,
no sign of an orange tree.
Expectation turned into despair.

Years later,
I saw weed growing out of the soil I had cultivated.
A penny dropped.
I live in a country with tropical climate
a no-no for an orange tree
If I had spent my love on a durian tree
I might have cultivated a farm of durian

Durian seems not nice to hold
once I risk my hands with its thorns
and rip it open
It makes wonder on my tastebud

Lesson for a farmer:

Raise the right crop
harvest your tropical fruit

work the right way
enjoy your labour’s fruit

choose the right stage
perform your best dance

have the right goal
approach your destined happiness

love the right person
receive your entitled love

leave the unsuitable things
find your best suit

choose the right field
keep your passion burning

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