Everyone is a Cinderella

You were a Cinderella born in a family with a stepmother and two stepsisters
What’s more?
They were heartless
There was no bed of roses
but layers of dust to be wiped off

You were a human being in this dog-eat-dog society
What’s more?
They asked for more than what you had
There was no free lunch
but work for you to do round-the-clock

One night, you heard through the door from the heartless
that the Prince was finding for his Love
There would be a ball for all single ladies
and the Prince would pick his Love there

One day, you heard with your ears from your community
that you were insufficient in terms of just anything
There would be a judgment day for all
and you would be eliminated

During the sad night, you sobbed…
you were fated not being able to attend the ball
The fairy godmother appeared
Realised your dream of a wedding gown and a pumpkin carriage

During the sad night, you weeped
you were fated to be a failure/recluse
The inspiration popped up
Realised in the form of a quote, some words, a scene, a news, an action…

Your dream came true in a split second
but deep in heart, you knew it was short-lived
It lasted till 12 midnight
Yet you enjoyed the party

Your wisdom came to life in a split second
but deep in heart, you knew the journey was arduous
It lasted for your lifetime
Yet you smile at all things

The clock struck 12 midnight
You ran home helter-skelter
left one glassier shoe
the Prince had it

The clock struck your twilight
You stayed home sickly
left a short moment
the Love of your life had it

The Prince searched high and low
He found you
Your feet fitted the shoe
Happily ever after

The heart rate went high and low
He, the Death found you
Your life fitted your dream
Happily ever after

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