No matter how…I will be fine

No matter how realistic your infatuation is
the fact and the world are always more realistic

No matter how much you love someone
you can’t complain about the love balance that is off-kilter

No matter how quiet your nights are
you cannot be a love glutton that acts like a greedy ogre

No matter how much you miss somebody
you are still an idiot who doesn’t let go for the next happiness station

No matter how meaningful the camaraderie is
if you are not courageous enough to let go, you are a forever-loner

No matter how possessive and bossy you are
you will never get the love not belonged to you

No matter how miserable you are
every dog has its day

No matter how sad you are
you still can smile and smile attracts happiness

No matter how lonely you are
your parents with the empty-nest-syndrome are much more lonely

No matter how memorable the moments are
there are blank pages in your diary for more new noteworthy moments

No matter how painful you are
remember that wound does heal

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