Clean Clean Clean

When you are unhappy or going to be unhappy, what do you do?

Try to laugh and smile? Hide your sadness?

Absorbed into unproductive activities?

Engaged in activities that pull your down?

For me…I clean, clean, clean

I feel good after I clean my house

Wash away the dust and fallen hair of sadness, worries, stress, emptiness, anger, fear, disappointment…

When my feet feel the dust-free floor…

When my eyes see the spick-and-span room…

I feel light with no burden

Refreshed and renewed

A new beginning

The light dawns on me that…

when we are unhappy,

it’s okay to admit about it

instead of acting strong

find a good channel to transmit your unhappiness away

Our life has two sides

Happy, Unhappy

Success, Failure

Hopeful, Hopeless

We have to be brilliant enough to turn the coin over

when the coin shows a negative side

turn it quickly and without any cost


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